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All year long, we work hard in the vineyard and in the cellar to concoct high quality cuvées that will delight your palate. We strive to work with passion and respect for the environment. Indeed, we work according to the sustainable agriculture approach, i.e. we avoid as much as possible phytosanitary products and promote the natural defences of the plant.

The soil is ploughed to prevent weeding and since 2009 we use treatment products compatible with organic farming. In 2012, we started the process of reconversion into Organic Agriculture but the climatic and human constraints backtrack. However, this conversion remains our objective and since 2020 our farm is certified HVE Level 3.

The Harvest

Here comes the time to clean baskets and wooden vats, to service the tractors and to sharpen the clippers. Then will come the pleasant harvesting season, combining seriousness and conviviality, the birth of new cuvées for the greatest happiness of those who worked hard all year long in the vineyards and the pleasure to meet again our harvesting companions, old hands and beginners.  That is the great adventure of grape harvesting.


Then comes the time of rest of the plant which we also call the vegetative rest. It is during this short quiet period that we attend to the most of the Fairs and Wine Fairs. (More details here).

The pruning of the vine

Vine pruning is the main activity during the winter. The idea here is to remove unnecessary wood in order to make room for new shoots. Thanks to the pruning it is possible to improve the quality and quantity of the grapes. For our part, we prefer quality to quantity, which is why we only work with two vine shoots. This method gives less yield but a better quality.

The binding

It usually takes place around mid-February. The goal is to tie the wood on a trellis in order to orient the shoot and improve the development of the buds.

Tillage of the soil

Just before spring, before the vines start budding, the time for ploughing has come. The purpose of this work is to bring the earth around the vine feet towards the middle of the alley. Thanks to the ploughing, oxygen is naturally brought to the earth and at the same time we get rid of the grass which hinders the good development of the vines.

Trellising and planting

The time has come for planting and trellising. In spring the shoots are softer and must therefore be supported, which is why we attach them to rows of wire so that the plant continues its growth. This operation makes it possible to raise the vine, to aerate it and to help the ripening of the grapes.
Then comes the time of the de-loafing and  the desuckering, which is done by hand and simply allows to eliminate the leaves and shoots located not far from the bunches of grapes, in order to increase their sunshine and aeration to avoid any rot. Thinning out the leaves  and shoots does not only allow a better exposition of the grapes to sunlight, it also assures better ventilation which avoids rot to develop

Protection of the vine

The aim here is to protect the vine with weeding or treatments to prevent attacks of powdery mildew and downy mildew, the major diseases of the vine that are likely to ruin a crop and therefore a year of work. Our treatments are of traditional type following a reasoning of treatments in biodynamic. We therefore treat a minimum, at the right time and under the right conditions, with products approved in organic farming.

The flowering

During this period the berries of the grapes begin to appear and the flowers also point the tip of their nose. This is the final step before the harvest. During this time, we take care of the vineyard in order to prepare the harvest as well as possible.


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Tastings and deliveries

At our customer’s requests, while travelling to the numerous fairs we attend, we can organize deliveries to your door or to a specified location for grouped orders and offer wine-tastings.
To know the dates and itineraries of our various trips, please ask us using the contact details you will find in contact section.
You can also find the list of the fairs we will attend by clicking here:


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Our address

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We welcome you in our open tasting cellar:
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Saturday: 8:00-12:00 and 14:00-17:00
Sundays and public holidays: by appointment.
For group visits, thank you for announcing.
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