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The winery

Each year, we carry out a complete cleaning of our vats to eliminate as much dirt caused by the deposit of the fermentation as possible, to be able to house new cuvées.

Pressing after the harvest

The harvest is brought back in boots to limit squeezing and crushing as well as unnecessary handling. All the grapes are pressed in whole harvest, without destemming, directly from the boot to the press. Since the acquisition of our new pneumatic press we respect even more the grapes gaining in aromatic finesse for our wines

The alcoholic fermentation

After the settling, the yeasts naturally present in the grapes begin to develop. This is the beginning of the fermentation. In the long term, yeasts turn sugar into alcohol, which will give future wines. During this fermentation, we prefer breeding on lees and let nature do its work.

In the cellars we can already hear the gurgling of fermentation and enjoy its pleasant smell.
It will then be necessary to daily monitor the wine in the vats in order to control the sugars. This is a decisive work that allows us to prepare new cuvées, which are rich in quality and taste every year.

The bottling

After being filtered the wine is finally ready to be bottled. For a few years now, bottling has been done by us, and throughout the year. The bottles are placed on a conveyor belt and the machine takes care of rinsing, filling and putting a cork on them.


Labelling is also a work that we have been doing for some years by now. A machine takes care of dressing the bottle with a label, a capsule and a back label. At the end of this process we collect the bottles and package them in cartons.


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Tastings and deliveries

At our customer’s requests, while travelling to the numerous fairs we attend, we can organize deliveries to your door or to a specified location for grouped orders and offer wine-tastings.
To know the dates and itineraries of our various trips, please ask us using the contact details you will find in contact section.
You can also find the list of the fairs we will attend by clicking here:


Our address

Our address

42 rue du Nord

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We welcome you in our open tasting cellar:
Monday to Friday: 8h00 -12h00 and 13h30 -18h30
Saturday: 8:00-12:00 and 14:00-17:00
Sundays and public holidays: by appointment.
For group visits, thank you for announcing.
You can use our contact form for any questions.


To book lodging or guest rooms
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